Maro Kouri has covered special assignments in China, Japan, Palestine, India, Malaysia, Turkey, Estonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Israel, Greece, Italy, U.K., France, Netherlands, Luxemburg, FYROM, Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Egypt, South Africa, Ethiopia, Bahrain and other countries, transferring the human struggle for freedom to her images and texts. The first dawn of 2000 found Maro gazing through her lens at the Maori sacred mountain Hikurangi in New Zealand. In 2004 she took unique photographs of Athens flying on the Olympic zeppelin. In 2006 she was the exclusive photojournalist (photographs & interview) at Cesaria Evora’s home in Mindelo, Cape Verde. Recently she has been covering the life of the mentally disturbed, drug-addicts and homeless in Athens.

2011: - Pictures of the Year
2009: The International SCOOP award of photojournalism, Photojournalist of the year - Greek Federations of Photojournalists.

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